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This just-married bride at Mystic Aquarium graciously let me photograph her unique wedding bouquet of brooch pins, pearls, charms, and photos of loved ones in miniature frames.

From the clothes that you wear to the flowers that you choose to your wedding music, you are what make your wedding romantic.

A white wedding gown and a black tuxedo are one of many options.

Over the years styles have changed considerably, and today's couples have many more options than their grandparents.

For the bride

Some brides choose to wear their mother's or grandmother's wedding gown. The vintage look is popular, and some styles never go out of vogue.

For the groom

Grooms may feel that they have limited choices, and that a rented tuxedo is their best choice.


For the bride

Brides nearly always carry a bouquet and most frequently it is a bouquet of flowers. Wildflowers can make a beautiful bouquet and are very budget-friendly. Local wildflowers also contribute to a green (environmentally sound) wedding.

Some brides will carry photographs of loved ones in their bouquets, as shown in the photo above.

If you are going to wear a crown of flowers, you may decide to have your bouquet echo your crown by using some of the same kind of flowers. Or you could use larger versions of your crown flowers in your bouquet.

Succulent plants, such as the Jade Plant, can be part of an unexpectedly beautiful bouquet. Succulents come in several colors, in addition to shades of green.

Silk flowers are a long-lasting reminder of your wedding day and are appreciated by your attendants and family.

Some brides have gotten creative and carried a “bouquet” of colorful brooches and pins. (Non-flower bouquets are especially practical in the winter.)

Paper flowers have several advantages, too. Colors are very consistent, paper flowers never wilt, cost is low, and there are a lot of patterns available online.

For the groom

Grooms often wear flowers in their lapels, usually called boutonnières. There’s a long discussion about boutonnières on the Flowers & Decor Page.

How about changing from a boutonnière to a photograph? Perhaps of someone who could not attend, perhaps of a departed loved one.

Cufflinks are always in good taste, and a good opportunity to show your personality.

In the 21st century, men in the wedding party may wear socks that range from “interesting” to outrageous. Generally, men’s pants cover their socks, so their socks aren’t seen. If you tell your photographer about fancy socks, she’ll probably have the men proudly show off.

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