Get married at Gillette Castle State Park

What could be more romantic than a castle wedding?

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How to get to Gillette Castle

The entrance to Gillette Castle State Park is at 67 River Road, East Haddam, Connecticut.

To get to the Castle, follow the paved road past the lily pond, go up the hill, and pass in front of the Castle to the parking lot.

Family sand ceremony on the terrace of Gillette Castle with the Connecticut River in the background. (Photo taken in July.)
Completed family sand ceremony at Gillette Castle overlooking the Connecticut River. (Photo taken in July.)
Wedding music at Gillette Castle was live in the covered porch just off the terrace. Beautifully done!
Mother pins wedding boutonnière on her son. Now he's ready to be married! (Photo taken in November.)
Father proudly escorts his daughter for her Gillette Castle wedding. (Photo taken in November.)
Just married at Gillette Castle! It was a windy day, and nobody cared. (Photo taken in November.)
First unofficial family portrait after their fall wedding. November foliage is on the other side of the Connecticut River.
March rain and fog did not keep us from having a joy-filled wedding under Gillette Castle’s covered porch just off the terrace.
The stone bridge by the lily pond is a good symbol of a marriage journey, going from single people to engaged to a married couple.
Gillette Castle makes a great background for wedding photos. We’re on the lawn on the west side of the Castle.

How to get married at Gillette Castle State Park

First, choose where at the State Park you’d like to have your wedding ceremony.

From where you drive into the Park to the stone bridge, you’re in East Haddam. From the parking lot to beyond the Castle, you’re in Lyme.

Connecticut law requires you to get your license in the town in which you’ll be getting married. You can follow the links to East Haddam information and Lyme information.

General Gillette Castle wedding information:

There is no admission charge nor parking fee at Gillette Castle State Park for vehicles registered in Connecticut.

It is easy to park, and it is not usually crowded.

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) is responsible for all State Parks.

You can get married on the Castle Terrace or elsewhere on the grounds. Unfortunately, no weddings (or wedding photographs) are allowed inside Gillette Castle. You can, however, take a tour inside of the Castle.

Pets on leashes are allowed in the picnic areas and on hiking trails, but not inside the buildings. Well-behaved animals are welcome at your wedding, too!

According to DEEP regulations,
Scattering confetti, rice, or other materials is prohibited.
Alcoholic beverages may be brought to the picnic areas.
Beverages in containers larger than one liter are prohibited. Kegs, et cetera, are not allowed.
Helium balloons are strongly discouraged, but if used, they must not be released, and must be disposed of properly.

To have your wedding by the lily pond or at the stone bridge, you would get your marriage license at the East Haddam Town Hall.

The East Haddam Town Clerk’s Office is at 1 Plains Road, Moodus, CT 06469. You can reach the Town Clerk or her assistant at 860-873-5027. The official East Haddam Town website is WWW.EastHaddam.Org/departments/TownClerk. (Please note that the East Haddam Town Offices have moved from where they had been!)

To have your wedding on Gillette Castle Terrace or by the Castle, you would get your marriage license at the Lyme Town Hall.

The Lyme Town Clerk’s Office is at 480 Hamburg Road (Route 156), Lyme, CT 06371. You can reach the Town Clerk or her assistant at 860-434-7733. The official Lyme Town website is TownLyme.Org/town-departments. For your Marriage License Application, please go to TownLyme.Org/townhall and search for “Marriage Licenses” on that page.

“Can we have our wedding reception in Gillette Castle?”

The short answer: “No.”

The longer answer: “Not inside the Castle, but there is an excellent wedding reception venue a short distance away.”

The Gelston House is at 8 Main Street, East Haddam, CT 06423, just a few minutes’ drive from Gillette Castle State Park. The Gelston House offers fine dining with a spectacular view of the Connecticut River. The official Gelston House website is WWW.GelstonHouse.Com, or you can call them at 860-873-1411. Highly recommended!

All the above links are current as of November, 2021.

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