Romantic Wedding in Connecticut

Your wedding is my passion!

You deserve a wedding officiant who is committed to helping you have the wedding ceremony that you desire.

What Makes a Romantic Wedding Romantic?

You! You are the single most romantic, most important part of your romantic wedding!

You've heard “Something borrowed, something blue, ....” connected with romantic weddings. Your clothes and accessories will contribute to the romance of your wedding.

Your vows are your promises that you make to each other on your wedding day.

You can write your own vows and make them uniquely your own, or you can edit these sample vows.

Your wedding music will set the tone for your ceremony.

From the background music that is played while your guests are being seated to the music that accompanies your walk down the aisle to your grand exit as a married couple, your music will evoke memories and emotions.

The readings that you select will say a lot about you and your soon-to-be spouse.

Readings come from many places, including both romantic and humorous works.

Your family and friends will surround you on your special day.

Visit the Family and Friends Page for suggestions about how you can include your favorite people in your romantic wedding.

Where you have your wedding ceremony (your wedding venue) will have a substantial impact on your wedding style.

Some people call it your wedding location, others your wedding setting, and wedding venue is a good term for searching online.

Flowers and other decorations always make places more attractive.

Your Flowers & Decor add beauty to your wedding, and show your personalities.

Wedding professionals help to make your day special, and preserve your memories of it.

Your list of Wedding Professionals includes your officiant, photographer, and musicians or DJ.

From “Where do we get our marriage license?” to “How can we prove that we're legally married?”, many questions are common, that's why they're called “Frequently-Asked Questions”.

Many miscellaneous questions are answered on the FAQs Page, and you are encouraged to ask more.

No wedding website would be complete without a blog.

The blog talks about weddings from which you may get inspiration.

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